About us

Welcome to the heart and soul of our digital space, Hum Tum or Baatein! We started on this exhilarating journey with a distinct perspective on the podcast world, going beyond the norms. For us, it’s more than just a podcast.

The very essence of Hum Tum or Baatein lies in the depth of our interactions. We’re not just hosting, but curating an experience that goes beyond the surface. ‘Hum’ signifies not only the hosts but also the collective ‘us,’ the community we’re building. ‘Tum’ represents our incredible guests, individuals who often dwell in the shadows despite being dedicated and remarkable in what they do.

What sets us apart is our unique outlook and theme. Hum Tum or Baatein is a platform where we intentionally seek out the underrated gems in various fields. Why? Because we’re driven by a genuine interest in learning, connecting, and unraveling the stories that often go unnoticed. It’s about bringing to light the narratives of those who are passionately shaping their domains.

Our fascination with exploring different fields of work is fueled by the desire to understand the diverse tapestry of life. We’re not just hosting interviews; we’re curating conversations that delve into the depths of personal and professional journeys. 

Hum Tum or Baatein is more than a podcast; it’s a celebration of life in all its diversity. Join us as we continue this journey of discovery, learning, and fostering connections. Because in every ‘hum’ and ‘tum,’ there’s a story waiting to be shared, and we’re here to amplify those voices. Welcome to our world—where conversations are more than words; they’re windows into extraordinary lives.

Recent podcast

In a recent episode of our podcast, we had the privilege of hosting remarkable individuals—Asian Games medalists in the realm of boxing. Their journeys, steeped in dedication and resilience, offered an intimate insight into the world of pugilism. The discussion primarily revolved around their daily schedules, the significance of boxing in their lives, and the myriad challenges they encountered and overcame.

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